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Jane Evans MA BACP Registered Member (Snr Accred) and UK Registered Independent Practitioner

I am a Senior BACP accredited Therapist providing a confidential and professional service to clients, counsellors, and students, since 1995. I was an executive member of ACTO for the full term of 7 years (2008-2015). I am also a director/organising member of the annual OCTIA conferences (Online Counselling and Training in Action), which has been hosted in partnership with BACP during the last 3 years. During 2017 the OCTIA directors resumed their individual status for delivery of this online conference, which was held in Edinburgh on April 1st 2017. The 2018 conference will be held on March 18th in Manchester. (further details to follow).

Online Counselling Skills Training Courses

There are two variations in the Modular Diploma Courses for online counselling training UK, which are available with www.ocst.co.uk:
The OCST 1 and OCST 2 course.

Both Diploma level courses are structured in a way that enables students to study and practice using computer mediated counselling skills using a variety of communication platforms, promoting understanding of professional,ethical, legal requirements for this medium of therapeutic practice,and building computer mediated therapeutic relationships. Successful completion of either training route equips students with all necessary skills and knowledge to begin practicing online with clients. Both programmes are included on the ACTO directory for approved online counselling training.

Subject content for both courses includes:
•The evolution of online therapy and it’s subsequent benefits to clients

•The importance of developing a professional and effective online presence

•Marketing your online services (including website development)

•Online assessment and contracting

•The practical skills required for working with clients, including :
Email work
Voice only
Webcam and voice

•Practical application of skills by responding to simulated client material and also working in role with other OCST students as both ‘client’ and ‘counsellor’ over a sequence of 5 role play sessions

•Risk assessment and onward referral

•Considerations for responsible practice and having an online presence- Ethical and legal considerations

•Online client reviews and service evaluation

•Closure in online relationships

If you are looking for a course to provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge for working establishing your e-practice with both the OCST1 and OCST2 Diploma courses cover all the key areas. The programmes include skills for offering therapy to clients by email, IM, and webcam.
One of the distinct benefits of the OCST courses is learning in small groups(OCST 2 Diploma Course), or individually with the tutor (OCST 1 Diploma course). The OCST1 course, offers an experiential individual learning programme, with start dates throughout the year to suit your availability. Online supervision for role play activities is included within the training programme.
The tutor has been in practice with e-clients since 2005 and providing the OCST training since 2007.

On both the OCST1 and OCTS2 programmes delegates gain valuable practical experience by working with simulated case work and role play clients. Students complete all aspects of study by distance learning which is supported by weekly course meetings with the tutor, using Skype. You can choose which course will best suit your needs,availability, and time commitments. Both the OCST1 and OCST2 courses provides students with all the necessary skills and Knowledge to begin practice with clients online. Each course offers 80 hours of CPD.

The OCST2 course, involves an experiential shared group experience with specific start dates throughout the calendar year.

The date of the next OCST 2 group course is on Saturday January 20th 2018 Enrollment for this course is open.

A sample of OCST 1 and OCST2 Delegate feedback-

" I work within a charity that involves seeing men and women face-to-face regarding pregnancy crisis and pregnancy loss. Because of the nature of crisis and loss, it can be difficult for people to seek a face-to-face encounter particularly when intense emotions are often the presenting problem. I value this online training course in all of its aspects; the programme itself which enabled me, step by step, to be able to train as an online counsellor as well as the variety of appropriate material and the practice with other students in roleplay. I believe this is a well- designed course that enables someone such as myself with little tech. knowledge to be able to feel confident and competent to now use this training within the scope of what I do."

"Nearing the end of my Counselling Psychology training I realised there was a hole in my knowledge regarding working online and an expectation to consider it. The OCST training expertly filled the gap and through experiential learning techniques helped me understand what was involved’ ethically, legally and practice wise, to adapt the skills I had and giving me confidence to practice new ones. I would highly recommend the course for anyone considering becoming an online therapist and cannot imagine how anyone could practice safely or competently without taking a course of this type."
Further reviews by students can be located on the OCST endorsement page

Where organisations are seeking group training activities in this field of practice, which are tailor made to meet their requirements, I can provide details upon request.
I also offer consultancy services for individual practitioners and organisations who are intending to establish a computer mediated therapeutic service for clients. OCST provides training opportunities for those who are new to working with clients using this medium, and also for professionals who wish to extend their existing knowledge and experience.

Further information relating to the range of OCST courses for computer mediated counselling are located on the Online Therapy Training page

One day workshops held on Saturdays via Skype
Introduction to Computer Mediated Therapy Skills - The next one day workshop will be held on Saturday November 11th 2017

Working with Groups using computer mediated technology- The next workshop will be held on January 27th 2018

Articles written by Jane Evans and available from the AUCC (Association for University and College Counselling)

A Guide to Developing and Piloting computer mediated therapy within Universities and FE Colleges

A 'Pull out Guide' to delivering a computer mediated therapeutic service within HE and FE

Pet/ Animal Bereavement Follow this link to read the article

I have also written a book which was published by Sage in November 2009, titled 'Online Counselling and Guidance Skills: A Practical Resource for Trainees and Practitioners'.
Follow the link provided below to read the synopsis, or order a copy:

Please contact me if you would like any further information on online counselling uk, online counselling supervision uk, online counselling training uk, Online Counselling Supervision training courses which I provide: Contact Jane Evans

If you are facing a personal crisis and require immediate support please contact the Samaritans by using the link provided: Samaritans

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