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Online Counselling skills are relevant to everyone who communicates with others using computer mediated technology, such as email, instant Messenging, discussion forums etc, but is particularly relevant if you are employed as a professional who provides a therapy service to clients via the internet. The diverse range of professionals who are currently engaging with clients via this medium is continuing to increase as clients demand is encouraging practitioners and service providers to create the opportunity for support using computer mediated technology. Training to work with clients via the internet is strongly recommended by both BACP and ACTO ( Association for counselling and therapy online).OCST provides training for online therapy which are approved by ACTO.

I am a qualified and experienced trainer and provide both face to face and computer mediated counselling courses. OCST provides Counselling and supervision training which is of the highest quality, and equips professionals with the confidence and expertise to conduct an online practice which complies with all relevant practical, ethical, and legal considerations.
One of the distinct benefits in taking the Diploma level training courses for online counselling or computer mediated supervision with OCST, is working with a tutor who is highly experienced in this field of counselling and maintains a current client and supervision practice using computer mediated communication. I also provide consultancy support to many organisations who are seeking to establish an ecounselling service for their clients.
A distinct benefit of training with OCST is the flexibility I can offer in tailoring courses to your needs, as opposed to you having to fit into a programme that doesn't fully reflect how you intend to practice with clients via the internet. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and we can agree a date for you to begin the training.
There are a broad range of training opportunities available with OCST, including modular courses for online counselling skills and online supervision skills, plus workshops for those who wish to work online with clients, or are seeking to further develop their online presence and online counselling or supervision skills. All current courses and workshops are listed below.

The next OCST2 Diploma group course, commences on Saturday 21st September 2019. Places are limited so book and pay for your OCST course soon to guarantee your place.

If you read through the information and find a course which most suits your interest in this field of professional practice, please feel free to contact me for more details using the message facility on the website.

Transferring the use of counselling skills to computer mediated technology requires additional skills to those utilised within face to face interactions. The courses available from this website will provide students with all the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively managing this transition whilst also providing learning opportunities which encourage students to develop an effective online presence and online relationships with clients. All training programmes provide detailed input in how to comply with the new data privacy regulations which came into force on May 25th 2018.

There are both individual and group learning courses, which are modular in structure with full support provided by the tutor throughout the period of online study.

Tailor Made Online Counselling or Supervision Skills Courses
If you are seeking training for a group of counsellors or practitioners and would prefer a course which has been designed to specifically meet your needs, then please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Online Counselling Skills Training Courses Currently Available

If you are seeking training for engaging with clients via the internet and you would you like to take part in experiential Diploma programmes to develop or improve your online counselling skills and online presence, there are currently three courses available with OCST:

OCST 1- An 11 Week Modular Diploma Training programme: Individual learning, with continuous support throughout each module by the OCST Tutor .
If you would prefer an individual study programme via a modular course where you undertake part time study to acquire proficiency in Online Counselling skills and the further reaching aspects of developing an effective and ethical online presence, then you may be interested in this option for study. This course is available continuously throughout the calendar year. Please contact me to discuss a start date which is convenient for you. A distinct benefit in taking this programme is having greater flexibility in meeting days and times, plus being able to draw upon the tutors knowledge and experience within your own course meeting, as opposed to a group learning context. A CPD Diploma certificate for 110 hours of study is awarded to students who complete the training.

Brief Course outline and Delegate Requirements:
The course is structured as a modular training programme with a combination of:

1.Personal study and research
2.Experiential learning through individual exercises
3.Simulated client work using asynchronous and synchronous media
4. Extensive role play activities where students are both 'Counsellor' and 'Client' for other OCST students.
5.Completion of a personal learning log, brief case study, and personal
model for setting up in client practice within an online context
6.Access to the OCST readings and research materials to enhance your learning throughout the training programme.
7. Weekly one hour online meetings with the course tutor

Module One
Introduction to counselling skills practice and the development of an online presence
Module Two
Online counselling skills and establishing an online presence
Module Three
Online relationships using asynchronous and synchronous computer mediated communication
Module Four
Ethical and technical considerations within online counselling skills practice, including web site design and content, and client assessment/contracting forms, compliance with GDPR etc
Module Five
Forming a model for using online counselling skills
Module Six Working online with Difference and Diversity

Course fees: Currently £495.00 for the main programme and an additional £45.00 for module six of the training which is delivered as a separate module There may also be an additional cost of £80.00 if your current supervisor is not experienced and trained to offer online supervision, as online supervision is a requirement during specific activities during the programme.

OCST 2- A 13 Week Modular Diploma for Online Counselling: Shared Online Group Activities and Individual Learning supported by the course tutor

This part time programme is structured in a manner where students are encouraged to develop their practical skills, and the professional/ ethical/ legal considerations for developing an online practice, in conjunction with an forming an effective online presence and online relationships using computer mediated technology. The next course will begin on Saturday September 21st 2019. Enrollment is now open for this course.. The course is delivered and certificated by Jane Evans, OCST Course Tutor, and included within the ACTO list of approved training for online counselling practice.

OCST2 -Brief Course outline:
The course is structured as a 13 week modular training programme with a combination of:
1.Personal study and research
2.Experiential learning through group and individual exercises
3.Extensive simulated and role play client work using asynchronous and synchronous media
4.Weekly online group discussion meetings and the course discussion forum
5. Full guidance on practical skills and knowledge to practice ethically and effectively using computer mediate communication, including compliance with GDPR.
6. Access to OCST resources to assist in learning and skills development

Focus of learning for the OCST Courses:
•The evolution of online therapy and it’s benefits to clients
•The importance of developing a professional and effective online presence
•Marketing your online services (including website development)
•Online assessment and contracting
•The practical skills required for working with clients, including :
Email work
IM( Instant messenging)
Voice only
Webcam and voice
•Practical application of skills by working in role with other OCST students and
the course tutor , as both ‘client’ and ‘counsellor’
•Risk assessment and onward referral
•All relevant considerations for establishing responsible and ethical practice and effective online presence
•Online client reviews and service evaluation
•Closure in online relationships

OCST 2 Module One
Familiarisation with online counselling skills practice and developing an effective online presence, including social media and personal websites
Module Two
Developing an online presence and online relationships
Module Three
Professional online Relationships with clients using asynchronous computer mediated software
Module Four
Professional online Relationships with clients using synchronous computer mediated software. Online supervision.
Module Five
Ethical and legal considerations when establishing an online practice/service, including web site design, and client assessment/contracting form, compliance with GDPR
Module Six
Forming a model for professional practice using online counselling skills, to include sensitivity to difference and diversity across all online media

Course fees: Currently £495.00, plus £45.00 for module six of the programme. There may be an additional cost of £80.00 if your current supervisor is not experienced and trained to offer online supervision, as online supervision is a requirement during specific activities during the programme

If you would like further information on the course content and structure for either of the options available, please follow this link to email the tutor Contact Jane Evans

OCST4 - Webcam and voice only online practice
From September 2019 this is being converted to a seven week training programme (80 hours CPD), where students are provided with a course focused towards working via webcam with clients. Course fees £345.00 Not all counsellors want to engage online with clients using therapy emails or IM ( Instant messenging), but do want add to their face to face practice by offering webcam sessions to clients. If this is how you intend to develop your online client presence, then the OCST4 will be the right training programme for you. The training includes all key aspects of assessment and contracting with clients, into the process of effectively engaging with clients via webcam. Ethical and legal requirements are also included within the six week programme. Students are provided with one hour weekly individual course meetings and are also required to complete role play activities with other OCST4 students outside of their meetings with the course tutor. Please contact me for further details.

Endorsement completed by OCST 4 sudents:

I studied counselling via webcam/'phone with Jane Evans in Autumn 2018 and found the course to be informative, thorough and very helpful. Jane is a knowledgeable, personable and supportive trainer and I felt the course equipped me to work ethically and effectively with online clients. The roleplay gave me confidence that my work would be helpful, and the section on GDPR equipped me to handle data safely and securely. The course takes into account our starting points and includes consideration of diversity and the pros and cons of working online. An excellent course that covered everything I needed to know to work as an online counsellor via webcam. Meriel Whale.

Workshops For Online Counselling and Supervision Skills

During 2019 OCST will be offering a series of workshops in a range of subjects relating to Computer mediated counselling and supervision. CPD certificates are issued for all workshops. These include:

An Introduction to Online Counselling Skills
This workshop is suitable for counsellors and practitioners who are interested in online counselling skills, but would prefer to find out more about the specialist skills required prior to committing to an in depth training course. The workshop consists of 5 hours online and offline activity with the course tutor and course members. Workshop participants who choose to progress onto either of the modular courses with OCST will receive a £25 reduction on course fees. Workshop fee: £75

The next workshop will be held on Saturday November 9th 2019

An Introduction to Online Supervision
This workshop provides an opportunity for practitioners to 'test the water' in developing both supervision and supervisee skills using computer mediated technology. This is a useful resource and learning experience for those who are unfamiliar with online supervision, but would like an initial simulated forum to assess if it would be advantageous to their clinical practice.
Workshop participants who choose to progress onto the OCST online supervision training courses will receive a £25 reduction on course fees. Workshop fee: £75 The next one day workshop is scheduled for September 2019
Working online with Groups
It is becoming increasingly relevant for professionals to work online with groups. This might include group tutorials, group forums, therapeutic or support groups. If you are interested in becoming an online group facilitator this workshop will provide an opportunity to develop or further enhance your online group facilitation skills. The workshop fee is £75.Workshop participants who choose to progress onto additional OCST training courses will receive a £25 reduction on course fees.

The next workshop will be held during October 2019. If you would like to enroll please contact me as registration for the workshop is now open.
For further information on content and dates of the workshops contact Jane Evans using the email links provided on this page.

Online Counselling Supervision Training Courses

Are you interested in becoming an online supervisor, or are you already supporting others using computer mediated technology?
If so, you may be interested in participating in either stages of the courses available with OCST.

Practising as an online supervisor requires additional skills and considerations to those utilised within face to face supervision relationships. Developing the additional skills and expertise to provide effective online supervision to supervisees and related client work, can be supported by engaging in either of the courses listed below. Delegates who successfully complete the requirements for either course will receive a Diploma issued by OCST. For those practitioners who have none, or very limited experience of providing online supervision, the stage 1 course is appropriate. For those practitioners who have some experience of providing online supervision, course two would be most appropriate for further skill development:

OCST Online Supervision Diploma programme. A four stage training programme. Each stage being six weeks in duration

This first stage of training is where course delegates consider how the skills of face to face supervision and their chosen theoretical supervision framework transfer to an online media to consolidate and form a personal model for effective online supervision practice. The course content includes both synchronous and asynchronous activities and exercises to enable course members to practice their developing skills. All activities and online course meetings are facilitated by the course tutor.

The course fees for stage 1 are £260

OCST Online Supervision Diploma. Stage two
The second stage of online supervision training provides opportunities for those practitioners who have some experience of providing both face to face and online supervision to further develop their online supervision skills and competency in supporting supervisees using computer mediated technology. The course includes both synchronous and asynchronous activities using a variety of computer mediated technologies and creative ways to enhance online supervision practice. Stage two of the Diploma is 6 weeks and includes activities and online course meetings which are facilitated by the course tutor.

The course fees for stage 2 are £300.

OCST Online Supervision Diploma. Stage Three
Supervising groups of counsellors online. Six weeks in duration

OCST Online Supervision Diploma. Stage Four/B>
Key principles of an online counselling service delivery. Six weeks in duration.

If you would like further information please Contact Jane Evans

A Sample of Endorsements from past students on OCST Courses

OCST 2 Online Counselling Course

"Learning together as a group and discussing issues on the Forum gave me a tremendous feeling of support and the course Wiki was full of interesting information. I recommend this course without reservation and am looking forward to training further with Jane".
Julie Stocks. Counsellor, University of Lincoln.

“A highly supportive, educational and enjoyable course that I would recommend to anyone interested in Online Counselling.
All you need to know is covered and explored through group meetings, supervision, forums and other invaluable communications.
Whether you are a beginner or have had some experience within this field, the course will effectively develop your skills and enhance your learning”
Jonathan Bance. Volunteer online Counsellor. Samaritans. Leicester.

"I wholeheartedly recommend this course. Although I am a very experienced counsellor, I have learnt so much, reviewed my skills and their use both on-line, and face-to-face. The benefits are considerable. For anyone wishing to gain greater understanding of e-counselling, then this is a very good course to take". - Audrey Baker.

"I work exclusively in private practice now but have previously worked as a counsellor and clinical supervisor in the NHS, Education, RELATE and a Hospice. I’ll put my hand up and admit that I was sceptical when I first heard of ecounselling but over the duration of this course I’ve become a convert. The course was genuinely ethical and offered a comprehensive and stimulating experience of all the skills and competencies involved for online work. Using the core skills and other online competencies that were skilfully taught to me by the excellent tutor on the course has given me the confidence to say ‘yes’ a therapeutic relationship does and can exist online."
Wendy Schreder- Private Practice Counsellor and Supervisor

OCST Online Supervision Training Course
Nearing the end of my Counselling Psychology training I realised there was a hole in my knowledge regarding working online and an expectation to consider it. The OCST training expertly filled the gap and through experiential learning techniques helped me understand what was involved’ ethically, legally and practice wise, to adapt the skills I had and giving me confidence to practice new ones. I would highly recommend the course for anyone considering becoming an online therapist and cannot imagine how anyone could practice safely or competently without taking a course of this type.
Carole Francis-Smith

If you are looking for a course that will give you new skills, remind you of old ones, stimulate your thinking, enhance your presence online and offers value for money?? Well look no further! The supervision course offers all of the above. I have recently completed Part 1 and I highly recommend it. What was covered in this course in six sessions; could take months to learn in a different context. The standard is high, and the cost is low....it is certainly a bargain!......what more could a prospective student ask for in a course?
Betty Gleeson. Counsellor and Supervisor.

To view further endorsements follow this link

About Jane Evans- OCST Course Tutor

Jane Evans MA MBACP (Accred Member) Professional and confidential Services for Counselling, Online Counselling, Counselling Supervision for your counselling practice, Online Counselling skills training courses,Online Counselling Supervision training,and Online counselling Consultancy
I have worked as a trainer, counsellor, and counselling supervisor (both face to face and online) since 1985.
The extensive employment, private practice, and voluntary experience I have gained in developing a counselling and supervision practice within the following contexts enables me to offer training which is insightful and professional, whilst also enjoyable for students participating in the range of courses available:

  • Private Practice
  • FE College Counselling
  • Voluntary and Charity Organisations
  • Education, Schools, and Youth Work
  • University
  • Local Government
  • Pallative care
  • EAP Practice

    I have written a 'Guide for Trainees and Practitioners' as a practical resource for online counselling and Guidance skills which was published by Sage in October 2009.

    I have also written articles for the AUCC magasine which have been published during 2006, 2007, and 2008. I have delivered experiential workshops for University and College counsellors at the 2007 and 2009 Annual AUCC conferences, and also the 2009,2010,and 2014 OCTIA conferences

    I am an executive member and an organising member for the annual OCTIA conferences, and also served the full 7 year term as Professional conduct officer for ACTO.

  • Making a Payment For an OCST Counselling Skills Training Course

    If you are looking for an online CPD resource which focused on online counselling and supervision, or general counselling and supervision practice, take at look at Online Events as they offer very reasonable membership and if you register there are literally thousands of resources in their library. You can also watch live events as an online delegate

    To make a payment for your place on one of the online counselling training course, please use the PayPal facility provided. Any purchases made using Paypal are subject to their Privacy policy, which can be located by using this link: Paypal Privacy Policy

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